Sphinx Builder

The rinoh.frontent.sphinx is a Sphinx extension module. It provides a Sphinx builder with the name rinoh. The builder recognizes the following conf.py options. Of these, only rinoh_documents (or latex_documents) is required:


Determines how to group the document tree into PDF output files. Its format is identical to that of latex_documents, with the exception that targetname should specify the name of the PDF file without the extension. If it is not specified, the value of latex_documents is used instead (with the .tex extension stripped from the targetname).


Determines the template used to render the document. It takes:

The default is 'book', which resolves to the Book template.


If rinoh_template_configuration does not specify a style sheet, this variable specifies the style sheet used to style the document elements. It can be a StyleSheet instance or a string identifying an installed style sheet. Default: the default style sheet for the chosen document template.

If pygments_style is specified, it overrides the code highlighting style for the specified or default style sheet.


This overrides paper size defined in the template or template configuration (rinoh_template). This should be a Paper instance. A set of predefined paper sizes can be found in the rinoh.paper module. If not specified, the value of the 'papersize' entry in latex_elements is converted to the equivalent Paper. If this is not specified either, the value specified for latex_paper_size is used.


Since the interactions between rinoh_template, rinoh_paper_size, rinoh_stylesheet and pygments_style are fairly complex, this behavior may be changed (simplified) in the future.

Path (relative to the configuration directory) to an image file to use at the top of the title page. If not specified, the latex_logo value is used.


Controls the generation of domain-specific indices. Identical to latex_domain_indices, which is used when rinoh_domain_indices is not specified.