Style Sheets

Included Style Sheets

These style sheets are included with rinohtype:


Mostly a copy of the LaTeX style included with Sphinx

Entry point name: sphinx


The Sphinx stylesheet adjusted for the article template

Entry point name: sphinx_article


The Sphinx stylesheet, but using the fonts from the PDF core set (yielding smaller PDF files)

Entry point name: sphinx_base14

Additional style sheets can be installed from PyPI. The installed style sheets can be listed using rinoh --list-stylesheets.

Default Matcher

The default matcher provides the selectors for the styles used in the standard style sheets.


The default matcher defines the following styles

  • title page rule: HorizontalRuleStyle

  • title page logo: FlowableStyle

  • title page title: ParagraphStyle

  • title page subtitle: ParagraphStyle

  • title page author: ParagraphStyle

  • title page date: ParagraphStyle

  • title page extra: ParagraphStyle

  • front matter section title: ParagraphStyle

  • body matter chapter label: ParagraphStyle

  • body matter chapter number: TextStyle

  • body matter chapter title: ParagraphStyle

  • fallback: TextStyle

  • italic: TextStyle

  • bold: TextStyle

  • monospaced: TextStyle

  • emphasis: TextStyle

  • strong: TextStyle

  • literal emphasis: TextStyle

  • literal strong: TextStyle

  • quote: TextStyle

  • file path: TextStyle

  • keystrokes: TextStyle

  • regular expression: TextStyle

  • code with variable: TextStyle

  • mail header: TextStyle

  • MIME type: TextStyle

  • newsgroup: TextStyle

  • command: TextStyle

  • make variable: TextStyle

  • program: TextStyle

  • man page: TextStyle

  • window title: TextStyle

  • UI control: TextStyle

  • UI control accelerator: TextStyle

  • menu cascade: TextStyle

  • draft comment: TextStyle

  • title reference: TextStyle

  • error: TextStyle

  • linked reference: TextStyle

  • unlinked reference: TextStyle

  • internal hyperlink: TextStyle

  • external hyperlink: TextStyle

  • broken hyperlink: TextStyle

  • body: ParagraphStyle

  • code block: ParagraphStyle

  • attribution: ParagraphStyle

  • centered: ParagraphStyle

  • line block: ParagraphStyle

  • block quote: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • chapter: SectionStyle

  • heading level 1: HeadingStyle

  • unnumbered heading level 1: HeadingStyle

  • heading level 2: HeadingStyle

  • unnumbered heading level 2: HeadingStyle

  • heading level 3: HeadingStyle

  • unnumbered heading level 3: HeadingStyle

  • heading level 4: HeadingStyle

  • unnumbered heading level 4: HeadingStyle

  • heading level 5: HeadingStyle

  • unnumbered heading level 5: HeadingStyle

  • other heading levels: HeadingStyle

  • appendix: SectionStyle

  • appendix heading level 1: HeadingStyle

  • appendix heading level 2: HeadingStyle

  • appendix heading level 3: HeadingStyle

  • appendix heading level 4: HeadingStyle

  • appendix heading level 5: HeadingStyle

  • title: ParagraphStyle

  • prerequisites: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • prerequisites title: ParagraphStyle

  • post requirement: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • abstract: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • abstract paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • example: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • example title: ParagraphStyle

  • topic: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • topic title: ParagraphStyle

  • rubric: ParagraphStyle

  • sidebar: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • sidebar title: ParagraphStyle

  • sidebar subtitle: ParagraphStyle

  • list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • enumerated list: ListStyle

  • enumerated list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • enumerated list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • nested enumerated list: ListStyle

  • (table) enumerated list: ListStyle

  • (table) enumerated list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • (table) enumerated list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • bulleted list: ListStyle

  • compact bulleted list: ListStyle

  • bulleted list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • bulleted list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • nested bulleted list: ListStyle

  • (table) bulleted list: ListStyle

  • (table) bulleted list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • (table) bulleted list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • steps list: ListStyle

  • steps list title: ParagraphStyle

  • steps list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • steps list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • unordered steps list: ListStyle

  • unordered steps list title: ParagraphStyle

  • unordered steps list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • unordered steps list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • choices list: ListStyle

  • choices list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • choices list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • list item body: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • list item paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • definition list: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • definition list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • definition term: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • definition term paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • definition term classifier: TextStyle

  • definition: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • definition paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • related links: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • related links section title: ParagraphStyle

  • related links list: ListStyle

  • related links list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • related links list item label: ListItemLabelStyle

  • related links list item paragraph: ReferencingParagraphStyle

  • related link title reference: TextStyle

  • related link page reference: TextStyle

  • related link number reference: TextStyle

  • related link reference: TextStyle

  • versionmodified: TextStyle

  • object description: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • object signatures: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • object signature: ParagraphStyle

  • object name: TextStyle

  • additional name part: TextStyle

  • object type: TextStyle

  • object returns: TextStyle

  • object parentheses: TextStyle

  • object parameter list: TextStyle

  • object parameter: TextStyle

  • object parameter (no emphasis): TextStyle

  • object brackets: TextStyle

  • object optional parameter: TextStyle

  • object annotation: TextStyle

  • object description content: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • object description content paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • production list: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • production: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • token name: ParagraphStyle

  • token definition: ParagraphStyle

  • field list: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • field list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • field name: ParagraphStyle

  • option list: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • option list item: LabeledFlowableStyle

  • option: ParagraphStyle

  • option string: TextStyle

  • option argument: TextStyle

  • admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • attention admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • attention admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • attention admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • caution admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • caution admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • caution admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • danger admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • danger admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • danger admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • error admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • error admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • error admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • hint admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • hint admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • hint admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • important admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • important admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • important admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • note admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • note admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • note admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • tip admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • tip admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • tip admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • warning admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • warning admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • warning admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • seealso admonition: AdmonitionStyle

  • seealso admonition title: ParagraphStyle

  • seealso admonition inline title: TextStyle

  • header: ParagraphStyle

  • footer: ParagraphStyle

  • footnote marker: NoteMarkerStyle

  • citation marker: NoteMarkerStyle

  • footnote paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • footnote label: ParagraphStyle

  • figure: FigureStyle

  • image: FlowableStyle

  • inline image: InlineFlowableStyle

  • caption: CaptionStyle

  • figure legend: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • figure legend paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • table of contents section: SectionStyle

  • table of contents title: HeadingStyle

  • table of contents: TableOfContentsStyle

  • toc level 1: TableOfContentsEntryStyle

  • toc level 2: TableOfContentsEntryStyle

  • toc level 3: TableOfContentsEntryStyle

  • L3 toc level 3: TableOfContentsEntryStyle

  • toc linked reference: TextStyle

  • list of figures section: SectionStyle

  • list of figures: ListOfStyle

  • list of figures entry: ListOfEntryStyle

  • list of tables section: SectionStyle

  • list of tables: ListOfStyle

  • list of tables entry: ListOfEntryStyle

  • table: TableStyle

  • table with caption: GroupedFlowablesStyle

  • choices table: TableStyle

  • table cell: TableCellStyle

  • table body cell background on even row: TableCellBackgroundStyle

  • table body cell background on odd row: TableCellBackgroundStyle

  • table body cell paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • table first column paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • table body cell list item number: ParagraphStyle

  • table head cell: TableCellStyle

  • table head cell paragraph: ParagraphStyle

  • table cell left border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table cell top border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table cell right border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table cell bottom border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table top border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table bottom border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table left border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table right border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table head cell left border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table head cell right border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table head bottom border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table head left border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table head right border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table body top border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table body left border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • table body right border: TableCellBorderStyle

  • horizontal rule: HorizontalRuleStyle

  • index: IndexStyle

  • index section label: ParagraphStyle

  • level 1 index entry: ParagraphStyle

  • level 2 index entry: ParagraphStyle

  • level 3 index entry: ParagraphStyle

  • level 4 index entry: ParagraphStyle

  • domain index entry name: TextStyle

Element Style Classes

These are the style classes corresponding to each type of document element. For each style class, the supported style attributes are listed along with the values that can be assigned to them in a style sheet.


Style class for Line


Style class for Shape


Style class for Flowable


Style class for LabeledFlowable


Style class for GroupedFlowables


Style class for Float


Style class for Caption


Style class for Figure


Style class for Index


Style class for Paragraph


Style class for Text


Style class for InlineFlowable


Style class for ReferencingParagraph


Style class for NoteMarker


Style class for Section


Style class for Heading


Style class for List


Style class for ListItemLabel


Style class for TableOfContents


Style class for TableOfContentsEntry


Style class for Admonition


Style class for HorizontalRule


Style class for Table


Style class for TableCell


Style class for TableCellBorder


Style class for TableCellBackground