rinohtype: The Python Document Processor

Release v0.5.5. (Release History)

rinohtype is a Python library that transforms a structured document into a professionally typeset PDF guided by a document template and style sheet. It can be used to create any kind of document, but its focus is on complex documents such as technical manuals.

Included with rinohtype is the rinoh command line tool that renders reStructuredText and Markdown (CommonMark) documents. There is also a commercial DITA frontend, but its development is currently on hold. Please contact me if you are interested in testing it.

rinohtype also includes support for Sphinx, which helps writing large structured documents and supports a multitude of different output formats including searchable HTML. rinohtype adds support to produce PDF output.

Here is a list of rinohtype’s main features:

  • a powerful page layout system supporting columns, running headers/footers, floatable elements and footnotes

  • figures, large tables and automatically generated table of contents

  • automatic numbering and cross-referencing of sections, figures and tables

  • use one of the highly configurable included document templates or create your own custom template

  • the intuitive style sheets make it easy to change the style of individual document elements

  • modular design allowing for multiple frontends (such as reStructuredText, Markdown, DocBook, …) and backends (PDF, SVG, bitmap, …)

  • handles OpenType, TrueType and Type1 fonts with support for advanced typographic features such as kerning, ligatures and small capitals

  • embeds PDF, PNG and JPEG images, preserving transparency and color profiles

  • easy to deploy; pure-Python with few dependencies

  • built on Unicode; ready for non-latin languages

rinohtype is currently in a beta phase. We are working toward a first stable release.

rinohtype is open source software licensed under the GNU AGPL 3.0. Practically, this means you are free to use it in open-source software, but not in (commercial) closed-source software. For the latter, you need to obtain a commercial license. I am also available for consultancy projects involving rinohtype, so don’t hesitate to contact me.