Some examples of PDF documents produced by rinohtype are collected here. This section mainly serves to give users an idea of the level of customization that is achievable by means of custom templates and style sheets.


Odpisy.pdf was styled by means of both a custom template and style sheet. The custom template (Python) and configuration (INI file):

  • configures Czech as the document’s language, which prevents a line break after specific words (following Czech typography rules)

  • defines custom title (with vector logo) and colophon pages

  • sets a background for content pages, marking the page header

  • defines a custom back page, listing company contact details

Actually, there are two template configuration files: a base configuration and one for a special type of documents. The latter inherits from the base template configuration and only overrides what needs changing. In this case, it omits the table of contents part from the document. Odpisy.pdf is an example of such a document.


Some pages from Odpisy.pdf

A single style sheet is used for both types of documents. It does not specify the Sphinx style sheet included with rinohtype as a base stylesheet so as to avoid unexpected changes in the document style in case the Sphinx style sheet is updated in a future rinohtype release. The style sheet defines:

  • the [VARIABLES] section defines monospaced, serif and sans-serif typefaces and a set of key colors that are referenced in style definitions

  • custom ‘numbering’ for headings (square glyph) and bullet lists (fast forward glyph)

  • a top border for certain headings

  • custom in-line titles (in-line images or specific font glyphs) for admonitions

  • coloured styling for the menuselection role

  • small-capital styling for keyboard shortcuts