Attribute (rinoh.attribute)

class rinoh.attribute.AcceptNoneAttributeType

Accepts ‘none’ (besides other values)

class rinoh.attribute.OptionSet

Accepts the values listed in values


class rinoh.attribute.Attribute(accepted_type, default_value, description)

Descriptor used to describe a style attribute

class rinoh.attribute.OverrideDefault(default_value)

Overrides the default value of an attribute defined in a superclass

class rinoh.attribute.AttributesDictionary(base=None, **attributes)
class rinoh.attribute.RuleSet(name, base=None, source=None, **kwargs)

Find top-most ruleset where configuration name is defined

class rinoh.attribute.RuleSetFile(filename, base=None, source=None, **kwargs)
property location

Textual representation of this source

property root

Directory path for resolving paths relative to this source

class rinoh.attribute.Bool

Expresses a binary choice

class rinoh.attribute.Integer

Accepts natural numbers

exception rinoh.attribute.ParseError