Index (rinoh.index)

class rinoh.index.IndexSection(title=None, flowables=None, style=None)
class rinoh.index.Index(id=None, style=None, parent=None)

alias of IndexStyle


Generator yielding the Flowables to group

class rinoh.index.IndexLabel(content, custom_label=None, align=None, width=None, id=None, style=None, parent=None, source=None)
class rinoh.index.IndexTerm(*levels)
class rinoh.index.InlineIndexTarget(index_terms, *args, **kwargs)

Return the text content of this styled text.

class rinoh.index.IndexTarget(index_terms, parent=None)
flow(container, last_descender, state=None, **kwargs)

Flow this flowable into container and return the vertical space consumed.

The flowable’s contents are preceded by a vertical space with a height as specified in its style’s space_above attribute. Similarly, the flowed content is followed by a vertical space with a height given by the space_below style attribute.