Style (

class, style=None, parent=None, source=None)

A document element who’s style can be configured.

style : str, Style

the style to associate with this element. If style is a string, the corresponding style is lookup up in the document’s style sheet by means of selectors.


The Style subclass that corresponds to this Styled subclass.

configuration_class = None
property has_id

Filter selection on an ID of this Styled

property has_class

Filter selection on a class of this Styled

property has_classes

Filter selection on a set of classes of this Styled

class, **attributes)

Dictionary storing style attributes.

The style attributes associated with this Style are specified as class attributes of type Attribute.

Style attributes can also be accessed as object attributes.


Suppress rendering this element

Accepts Bool: true or false

Default: false

Style Sheet

class, matcher=None, base=None, source=None, description=None, pygments_style=None, **user_options)

Dictionary storing a collection of related styles by name.

Styles stored in a StyleSheet can refer to their base style by name.

name : str

a label for this style sheet

matcher : StyledMatcher

the matcher providing the selectors the styles contained in this style sheet map to. If no matcher is given and base is specified, the base‘s matcher is used. If base is not set, the default matcher is used.

base : StyleSheet or str

the style sheet to extend

description : str

a short string describing this style sheet

pygments_style : str

the Pygments style to use for styling code blocks


Find a selector mapped to a style in this or a base style sheet.

name : str

a style name


Selector – the selector mapped to the style name


KeyError – if the style name was not found in this or a base style sheet

class, base=None, source=None, **kwargs)

Loads styles defined in a .rts file (INI format).

filename : str

the path to the style sheet file

StyleSheetFile takes the same optional arguments as StyleSheet. These can also be specified in the [STYLESHEET] section of the style sheet file. If an argument is specified in both places, the one passed as an argument overrides the one specified in the style sheet file.

class, **kwargs)

Dictionary mapping labels to selectors.

This matcher can be initialized in the same way as a dict by passing a mapping, an interable and/or keyword arguments.

update([E, ]**F) None.  Update D from dict/iterable E and F.

If E is present and has a .keys() method, then does: for k in E: D[k] = E[k] If E is present and lacks a .keys() method, then does: for k, v in E: D[k] = v In either case, this is followed by: for k in F: D[k] = F[k]