Paper sizes (rinoh.paper)

The Paper class and a number of predefined paper formats.

class rinoh.paper.Paper(name, width, height)

Defines a paper size.

name : str

the name of this paper type

width : Dimension

the (portrait) width of this paper type

height : Dimension

the (portrait) height of this paper type

rinoh.paper.A0 = Paper('A0', width=841*MM, height=1189*MM)
rinoh.paper.A1 = Paper('A1', width=594*MM, height=841*MM)
rinoh.paper.A2 = Paper('A2', width=420*MM, height=594*MM)
rinoh.paper.A3 = Paper('A3', width=297*MM, height=420*MM)
rinoh.paper.A4 = Paper('A4', width=210*MM, height=297*MM)
rinoh.paper.A5 = Paper('A5', width=148*MM, height=210*MM)
rinoh.paper.A6 = Paper('A6', width=105*MM, height=148*MM)
rinoh.paper.A7 = Paper('A7', width=74*MM, height=105*MM)
rinoh.paper.A8 = Paper('A8', width=52*MM, height=74*MM)
rinoh.paper.A9 = Paper('A9', width=37*MM, height=52*MM)
rinoh.paper.A10 = Paper('A10', width=26*MM, height=37*MM)
rinoh.paper.LETTER = Paper('letter', width=8.5*INCH, height=11*INCH)
rinoh.paper.LEGAL = Paper('legal', width=8.5*INCH, height=14*INCH)
rinoh.paper.LEDGER = Paper('ledger', width=17*INCH, height=11*INCH)
rinoh.paper.TABLOID = Paper('tabloid', width=11*INCH, height=17*INCH)